Reach even more readers worldwide and add international appeal to your book by signing up for our Newswire service.

This service offers a 400-word press release about your book, highlighting its theme, context, and the most significant information it can convey to all people. It will then be sent to over 17,500 media channels all over the United States. The Newswire is BookVenture’s advertising service which aims to widen the exposure and coverage of any self-published book’s publicity.

The significance of BookVenture’s press release included:

  • Being fresh and informative, it transmits a good impression about you as an author and of your work to the public.
  • It will be e-mailed directly to journalists who are subscribers of the newswire service so it surely gets their attention.
  • 100% online exposure for the author.
  • It acquires high website traffic.
  • It’s Cost-efficient.

Release Distribution
Placement on
Sent to Major Search Engines
Placement on Major News Sites
Industry News Feeds
Regional News Feeds
Media Subscribers
Enhanced Blogger Visibility
Media Lists
Placement on Premium Web Sites
National Media Distribution Via The Associated Press
Placement on Local News Sites
News Release Features
Embedded Web Site
File Attachments
Automatic Twitter Posting
Social Bookmarks
Quote Call Out
Informational Text Links
Custom URL
Search Optimized Image
Embedded Video
Next Day Distribution

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