Other than distribution through more than 250,000 customized RSS Feeds, major news sites, file attachments, and an embedded iFrame features, the Newsmaker service package also includes the national media distribution of a press release via The Associated Press and an embedded video.

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  • Attachment of images to showcase your product
  • Addition of video to your release
  • Easy reader subscription through a personalized RSS feed within your release
  • Distribution of press release to major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.
  • Posting of press release on major online news sites
  • Sending of your news to over 250,000 news subscribers and 30,000+ bloggers and media practitioners
  • Sending of your news to Premium news outlets like NY Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and more through the Associated Press

Targeted distribution: you choose 10 industries and 5 regions you want to reach

  • Permanent placement of your press release in archives
  • Mention of your website link within the release
  • Additional embellishment option: you can add materials (photos, documents, etc.) to enhance your story.
  • Easy sharing of your news through the “Share This” link that will allow your readers to share it in social media and blogs.

Dreams Can Come True: A Cruising Odyssey
by Hugh French See preview

How It Works:
  1. If you want to sign up for our Newswire service, get in touch with our Marketing team through our email address: or give us a ring at our numbers: 1-877-276-9751 U.S (toll-free) or 1-877-684-1686 (fax). You may also fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. Marketing consultant will endorse materials to BookVenture’s production team to accommodate the order.
  3. BookVenture will send the newswire draft to author for approval.
  4. Once approved, BookVenture will begin distributing the press release of the book to different online news channels.
  5. BookVenture will then provide a detailed and comprehensive Post Fulfillment Report for the author to check and evaluate the status of the campaign.

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