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In today’s modern age, Television is still considered the most powerful medium for building brands. Despite the emergence of digital media, TV still claims superior reign over commercial success in the industry. This is because the public deems TV broadcasting as the most reliable source of information and it has a superior ranking over any other medium. Even digital brands like Google and Facebook spend a larger percentage of their commercial budget on TV Advertising. One appearance on TV can help you reach over millions of viewers to effectively deliver your brand’s message.

Project Center Stage will take your career to the next level by featuring you as a guest in a TV show. This service will give you the opportunity to promote your work through a TV Interview that’s guaranteed to highlight your achievements and credibility as an author. Through a TV appearance, you will be able to leverage your publicity campaign and further extend your reach in the mass audience.

Project Center Stage will let you secure a placement in a major TV show that has millions of viewing audiences.

Important Notes:

  • The author is required to avail the ff. services to become eligible for the Project Center Stage service:
    • Author Expertise Program
    • MRC 3000
    • Web TV Interview
  • Both Regional and National TV Interviews are non-refundable if the author cancels bookings due to personal reasons. As an alternative, the Regional TV Interview can be replaced with 5 radio interviews upon request; this will include syndicated, taped and live local shows and podcasts.


Project Center Stage

A guest appearance on a Regional TV show.

Develop an effective media outreach strategy for your book that will help to enhance groundswell exposure among the broadest book trade and consumer markets through Event Publicist


Be in the national TV spotlight.

Combine all publicity efforts online and in media to further expand the campaign’s coverage through Specialty Publicist

How It Works:
  1. Fill out the Order Form (OF) sent by our Marketing Consultant and attach the manuscript on your reply.
  2. To begin the process, you must send in all necessary details and applicable materials like your Author Questionnaire Form, Book Information, digital copy of your book, along with the completed Order Form.
  3. Once all the requirements are provided, the Fulfillment Officer will then submit your materials to our Project Center Stage Manager.
  4. The Fulfillment Officer will send you a schedule confirmation for Project Center Stage Manager
  5. The Center Stage Team will assist you and fulfill this campaign.
  6. At the end of the campaign, you will receive a wrap report that contains information on all media contacts that expressed interest in your book, summary of activity and types of media outlets contacted.

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