Author Testimonials

One of our promises is Full Customer Assistance from the start till the end of your self-publishing journey with us. See what our authors have to say about their self-publishing experiences with BookVenture Publishing LLC.
Aundrea Methvin
Aundrea Methvin, author of Haunted Hearts
Naughty Nana
" My top five reasons why I would recommend BookVenture to new authors or weathered authors are; helpful staff, always available when you have questions, feel secure with each step of the process, keep my book rights and product comes out AMAZING! "
Robert H. Nieder
Robert H. Nieder, author of Battersea Island
Naughty Nana
" I’ve worked with two other publishing firms and by far, my best experience has been with BookVenture. I would like to recommend BookVenture to those authors who are looking for an affordable publishing packages, very polite and friendly staff, attentive to their author’s needs and never pressure them in making decisions. I look forward to working with them in the future with my next book venture. "
Alessandra Salisbury
Alessandra Salisbury, author of Naughty Nana
Naughty Nana
" Book Venture Senior Book Specialist-Publishing and Marketing, took good care of me and of the republishing process with so much professionalism and kindness. Naughty Nana was republished in three weeks. Book Venture did an awesome and efficient job. I'm very happy with it. I strongly recommend Book Venture for your publishing experience. Thank you for making Naughty Nana possible again. "
Gloria Marshall
Gloria Marshall, author of Cursed By Dark Shadows
Cursed By Dark Shadows
" Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with Book Venture’s team that worked on my project. The design work is extremely impressive. Love the cover and layout design. Your team is to be complimented on its efficiency and promptness in bringing this book to publication in a month. Great work. I look forward to seeing the finished product. "
James J. McGill
James J. McGill, author of How Smoking Quit Me
How Smoking Quit Me
" I had my book published with CreateSpace but there was not a marketing program that made sense to me. BookVenture have been true to their word and all the other items that goes with publishing done on time and correctly. They worked with me to get the best, quickest and most effective marketing done for a good discount and on an installment plan for payments. No stress for payments and still a better deal than I had hoped for on the marketing end. I will recommend BookVenture to other authors out there. "
Francisco Nieto Jr.
Francisco Nieto Jr., author of Hey Gringo!Come Here!
Hey Gringo!Come Here!
" I would very highly recommend Book Venture to any other aspiring authors for their services. They are personable and easy to work with. They are an excellent asset to the Book Venture team. It is a pleasure to also recommend the Book Venture staff associated with the completed publication of my book, "Hey Gringo! Come Here!" within the promised period of 30 - 45 days or less. I sincerely hope this information is helpful to anyone interested in self publishing their own book. "
Margaret Fourt Goka
Margaret Fourt Goka, author of The Woven Flag
The Woven Flag
" Book Venture Publishing has been very helpful in doing the cover and layout and printing for my book. It's great to see my dreams become a reality! I recommend them as a publisher to aspiring authors. I think you will be pleased with the result. "
Khalil E. Nikkhessal
Khalil E. Nikkhessal, author of A Flame of Fire
The A Flame of Fire
"I have an excellent experience and cooperation with the Book Venture Publishing company. It took a bit longer time, but it was worth the work. I do not have a lot of professional experience or by collaboration with the other publishers. I have chosen the Book Venture Company because of research and searching for the Publishing businesses to publish my writings. I think I picked one of the best, and I recommend you to do so. "
T.N. Bryan
T.N. Bryan, author of Millennia
The Millennia
"I highly recommend Book Venture Publishing as THE publishing house for aspiring authors. They surprised me with their expertise in designing an exceptional cover, professional layout and flawless printing for my book. It has been a dream come true to see my ideas transformed into reality. I am more than pleased and I'm sure you will be too."
R.W. Nichelson
R.W. Nichelson, author of The Swede
The Swede
"The Reason I chose to publish with BookVenture was due to the ability to control of my book both the story and the cover. Publishing costs were very reasonable and the step by step support of the BookVenture staff was almost to the point of mentoring. The decision to self-publish was in part due to the speed in publishing the book by BookVenture, the ability to retain the rights to the book and the generous amount of the royalties I was allowed to keep. Reputation was also a concern of mine in retaining a publisher. Once I had conducted thorough research, I found BookVenture to be both very reputable and affordable. The layout and design that BookVenture provided for my book met both my requests and expectations. I have been very satisfied with BookVenture and their services and would highly recommend them to any author seeking a publisher their work. I have formed a very satisfying and even personal relationship with many of the staff at BookVenture and I will undoubtedly continue to use BookVenture as my publisher for my next novel and all future endeavors."
Robert Gibbons
Robert Gibbons, author of The Well-being of Youth and Marriage
The Well-being of Youth and Marriage
"I am pleased with the service as a whole. The design and layout of my book was done as I wanted. The main factor that made me publish through them is the coverage of where my book will be sold. "
Mary Reid
Dr. Mary Reid, author of The Phone Rang
The Phone Rang
"The information about book publishing was informative. I’m new to this process and I thought it would be a difficult process. It’s actually been very smooth. I was surprise to learn that I would get 80% of the proceeds or profits. The book layout is BEAUTIFUL-very pleased. "
Eric Powers
Eric Powers, author of The State Of America
The State Of America
"I was unsure at first because of the cost but in the long run, I was pleased beyond even my highest expectations. Overall, it was the total services provided versus the cost. The cover art turned out very nice. "
Sharron Cameron
Sharron Cameron, author of THE RELUCTANT OUTDOORSMAN
"The cover and interior layout are great for a child’s first chapter book experience. I have checked your company out and you had several good authors using your service. When I get my second book ready in a few months, I will definitely contact you about publishing my book. "
Cath Laria
Cath Laria, author of A Walk With Nonna
A Walk With Nonna
"I am very pleased that they helped me with this, It didn't cost me extra to achieve it. I am very pleased with the service I got."
Gerd Koch
Siegfried Holzinger, author of Caretakers Of The Universe: The Secret Force Of Justice
Caretakers Of The Universe
"Excellent! Extremely pleased, impressed with your interest in my product and your quick responses"
JV Fearon
J.V. Fearon, author of Tickle Monsters
Tickle Monsters
"After intensively researching numerous publishers to embark on what seemed at the timed to be the very daunting prospect of publishing my first book. I happened upon Book Ventures publishers over the net and was impressed by the very reasonably priced and appealing packages they offered, which far exceeded my expectation. I first spoke to Joe Massey, Senior marketing consultant at (B.V), who very patiently answered my endless questions. Talking to Joe really convinced me to take the plunge. He then referred me on to Laura Tan (Fulfilment Officer), whom I can only describe as outstanding. My experience in publishing my first book was not at all daunting, it was a very quick enjoyable process made easy by the whole team at B.V. They took note of all my requests with quick responses with step by step guidance from start to finish. You are never left wondering what was happening. BookVentures from the outset has been a very rewarding experience that I have and would recommend. I first spoke to Joe on the 11th of November 2014 and my book was published on the 17th of December 2014; I am not sure any other publisher can work so efficiently."
Rutha Turner Jones, author of Turning Point
Turning Point
"They understand the author's journey and they treated me with the utmost respect. I appreciate their professionalism and their expertise in the publishing process and getting my book out to the masses. If you are searching for a publisher, BookVenture is here."
Seairah Buckner, author of Letters To Romeo
Letters To Romeo
"Thank you for everything! Everyone was so patient and respectful and helped me achieve my dream!"
Aimee O'Brien, author of My FIFO Daddy
My FIFO Daddy
"Good communication and customer service. Very pleased."
"You are a great company so far in my experiences with you."

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