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Reasons Why Having an Attractive Book Cover Is a Must!

Before you release your book there are a multitude of things that you have to take into account. Such examples being the quality of your book editing and your book marketing strategy. And yet there is also one other thing that you should never forget. Read More »

​Helpful and Easy to Follow Tips on Publishing a Non-Fiction Book!

Writing a non-fiction book is a totally new experience for some writers. This is because it is somewhat different from writing a fiction book. And if you are just starting out as a non-fiction writer, you will need to know a few things in order to publish a non-fiction book successfully. Things such as how to do proper research and what target market to focus on. And which publishing path is more effective for you. Read More »

8 Affordable Writings Apps That Will Drastically Improve Your Writing Skills!

The publishing industry is a very competitive arena, and if you want to be as competitive as possible you will have to take any advantage that you can get. It is also imperative that you use any tools that will make your writing both efficient and effective. Which is why you should use writing apps. By using writing apps you are covering up any weaknesses in your writing and leveling up your skills in the process. But seeing as there are a multitude of writing apps out there, it is important that you choose the ones that are not only effective but also affordable. Here are some great examples of great and affordable writing apps. Read More »

Guidelines in Achieving Effective Book Covers

Competition is inevitable. It is a non-negotiable fact that serves as grounds for distinction. To stand out is the key. It means going out of the way and undertaking unusual details to bring out the best. In this fashion, mediocrity is the enemy.

A book cover design goes along with the principle of distinction. Most people in the publishing industry believe that a cover is a book’s most powerful marketing tool. Judging a book by its cover applies in book publishing. Covers take a great deal on readers’ impression. Read More »

Self-Publishing Going Mainstream

Change is a constant thing in this world – a cliché which is proven and tested. Not one thing stays as it is. And changes often end up with altered perceptions. A shift, then, happens.

Self-publishing, a form of publishing, is a good option for writers who’d want to do the business of selling their books, as well- a writer-slash-businessman. Self-publishing is possible with no huge costs. Know the facts and not the misconceptions. With it, one may realize that self-publishing is for real. It is an option for first resort and not the least. There are facts that support the self-publishing gaining its regard. Read More »

Promoting A Book Through Hashtag in Twitter

Technology has dominated the world. With people adept to many technological advances and companies constantly, unceasingly producing technological breakthroughs every now and then, where does an aspiring self-published author comes in?

Getting along, keeping in touch, staying ‘in’ with what’s new, being updated – these are what self-published authors should do. Read More »

The Most Challenging Part In Writing A Book

Writing may be fun but easy? Who says? At some point, you will lose the idea, you will need a fresher angle, you have to find your way back to your trail of thoughts, you have to get inspired. Not counting the characters and their supposedly unique traits, the appropriateness of the setting, the symbolisms, the humor, the twists, the emotions, and the list goes on. Writing a book is never a stroll with your dog – it entails hard work.  Very hard work.

Even those that are in the pedestal cannot dare say that book writing is done in just a couple of weeks. You may start fresh with ideas, laden with creativity but at some point, your flow of thoughts run dry so you grope for the light. You search for what’s missing. Then, you get back and try to fill the empty spaces only to discover even bigger ones. Read More »



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